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One problem is the Safe Harbour agreement allows for certain limitations in the interests of national security — a loophole which has evidently been massively exploited by the NSA and its ilk, calling the whole agreement into question.Critics have also argued Safe Harbour is lax and weak, since it allows US companies to voluntarily self certify and therefore hardly offers copper-bottomed data protection safeguards.Plus, the i Phone app will be available in App Store “soon”, we’ve been told.

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Specifically, the filing lists three main “patterns of deception” common to the listed companies which it urges the FTC to investigate: firstly that the companies are misstating their actual purposes and practices of data collection and use — so being insufficiently transparent; secondly that they are misrepresenting legal facts of importance to EU consumers, such as by claiming they are not data controllers; and thirdly by merging with and acquiring other companies to expand their data collection and profiling abilities — but not updating their Safe Harbour disclosures.

Speaking of which, AOL tied AIM with its other properties so expect to see news content from the (don’t worry, it’s an opt-in).

They will also update the Android app and their communications team told us that work on updating the i Pad app is under way.

These companies add to this information through a variety of data sources, which can include sensitive information such as addresses, past purchase history, income, demographics, and family structure.

A common feature of the business practices of nearly all the companies cited in this complaint is the involvement of an array of third-party data brokers and other information providers, who supply rich data sets used for the profiling and targeting of EU consumers.

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    The CDD says its filing provides “factual information and legal analysis on probable violations of Safe Harbor commitments that materially mislead EU consumers”. Our investigation found that many of the companies are involved with a web of powerful multiple data broker partners who, unknown to the EU public, pool their data on individuals so they can be profiled and targeted online.” The Safe Harbour agreement dates back to 2000 and generally requires US companies to adhere to a set of E. personal data protection principles — such as informing citizens that their data is being collected and how it will be used.

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