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According to the Onstar website, there are three types of Onstar systems: All On Star-equipped vehicles have one of three types of equipment, based on wireless network technologies: * Analog-Only: On Star-equipped vehicles with analog-only equipment were designed to operate only on the analog wireless network and cannot be upgraded to operate on the digital network.Vehicles with this equipment will no longer be able to receive On Star services beginning January 1, 2008.* Analog/Digital-Ready: On Star-equipped vehicles with analog/digital-ready equipment operate on the analog wireless network, but can be upgraded to dual-mode (analog/digital) equipment if available for that vehicle.Beginning January 1, 2008, On Star service will not be available on these vehicles unless the On Star equipment has been upgraded to dual-mode (analog/digital) equipment.In September 2011 the president of On Star stated that the service had more than six million customers.A new aftermarket interior rear-view mirror with a built-in On Star module, branded as On Star FMV, became available to the public on July 24, 2011.At that time, service will be available only through dual-mode (analog/digital) equipment.

Thank you to their product manager for setting the record straight! 2005-2006 – Saab 9-5s used digital, 9-7x used digital, 9-3s and 9-2xs were not equipped with onstar 2007-2008 – Saab Saab 9-3s, 9-5s, 9-7x that came with Onstar were 100% digital. Of course, don’t hesitate to call Saab’s Customer Service Center to verify your VIN # as well for confirmation.

The Onstar System, a telematics system owned by General Motors has been in use with Saab automobiles beginning in model year 2001.

January 1st, 2008 marks the end of the use of this analog system for a number of Saab customers that have enjoyed their Onstar system in their Saabs.

Since On Star can help with the recovery of a stolen vehicle, some insurance companies recognize this and offer a discount.

Also, with certain insurance companies (for example, GMAC Insurance) and with subscriber permission, On Star will send the insurance company the vehicle's odometer reading every month.

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